Innovation Delivery

Let Innovation Delivery give your business the edge.

Keith Finglas...

Keith is an experienced programme manager and team leader, used to managing and delivering scopes around strategy, routine objectives and crisis situations - or what one client called 'living in the middle of gory messes'.

He helps teams do projects better, either by

  • improving their solutions through the application of design thinking or
  • improving their execution strengths through good project management skills, processes and behaviours.
  • Keith believes almost all teams are capable of surpassing the expectations placed on them, if given the chance to participate and contribute.  

  • has been based in Europe, U.S.A., South America, Middle and Far East.
  • 21 years for G.E. (U.S.A.), Guinness U.K. and Intel Ireland, where his ultimate position was innovation project office manager.
  • Keith worked initially in the Gas Turbine, Brewing and Semi-Conductor Industries but, since leaving Intel, has worked in innovation in many sectors in Ireland, including Food/Drink, Financial Services, Electronic Devices, Services and Education. 

    A co-author of an Intel paper on innovation in software development, Keith has a strong interest in education. Innovation programmes started by IDL in Ireland have seen over 1,500 participants complete their courses over the last 7 years. Keith Finglas

    On a personal level, he plays soccer to relax and swims in Dublin's Forty Foot - for both relaxation and excitement.

    Keith is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering of UCD.

    Christine Kurjan...

    Chris is a practitioner, coach and thought leader around innovation and the skills and structures that companies and teams need to work well and successfully.

    She leads strategy and idea generation workshops,teaches masters students and corporate groups,benchmarks innovation practices across industry sectors and within companies,and consults to start-ups and established companies to improve their product strategy and design for usability, desirability, feasibility and viability.

    Chris advocates taking a balanced, design-thinking approach, working at the intersection of people's needs, technology potential, and business possibilities.

    Her experience includes 15 years of engineering, design and innovation work with IDEO (international innovation and design firm) where she contributed to the development and launch of innovation methods inside and outside the company while also bringing innovative solutions to clients across many industries. One of her IDEO knowledge management efforts, a shared physical and virtual technology archive called the TechBox, achieved fame via a NY Times article.

    Products and services she's worked on span a range and include

  • customer experience in healthcare, financial services, and websites
  • future explorations of car washes, toilet paper, moisturizer, cleaning products, high-speed cooking
  • greater engagement and purchase at museums, petrol forecourts, online auction website
  • system/mechanical design of skin tissue growth system and other medical products
  • departmental strategy, organisational change and knowledge management 

    This year Chris balances her work life with art, boating, running, biking

    and preparing for the annual Burning Man event that celebrates self-reliance, community, and performance art.

    Christine Kurjan

    Bachelor’s of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Georgia Tech

    Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, Design Division, Stanford University